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A gap year abroad for an enriching linguistic experience

Taking a gap year is an interesting option for those who want to improve their language skills and enjoy a unique cultural experience.

Our long-term language programs: some price examples

At LangStart, we offer language stays at prices set directly by the local language schools. Here are a few examples of prices starting with “from”. Language schools often offer special offers. The price examples shown here do not reflect these potential discounts.

For a precise quotation, please visit our online quotation page.

dublin irlande
From €12,500

Semester of General English courses in Dublin

Sample price for a 24-week course: 20 General English lessons per week + Accommodation with a host family (single room).

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From €9,300

6-month general English course in Malta

Sample price for a 24-week course: 20 General English lessons per week + Accommodation in a student residence (shared room).

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galway irlande
From €10,000

English semester in Galway

Sample price for a 25-week course: 20 General English lessons per week + Accommodation with a host family (single room).

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From €10,100

6-month General English course in Liverpool

Sample price for a 24-week course: 15 General English lessons per week + accommodation with a host family (single room).

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new york
From €17,600

Semester of general English courses in New York

Sample price for a 24-week course: 24 General English lessons per week + Accommodation with a host family (shared room).

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From €11,250

24-week General English course in Toronto

Sample price for a 24-week course: 20 General English lessons per week + Accommodation with a host family (single room).

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GAP Year linguistic objectives

A Gap Year is a valuable period when students or professionals take a break from their academic or career path to devote themselves to enriching life experiences. This gap year is often an opportunity to explore new horizons, reinvent oneself and gain maturity before plunging back into the academic or professional world with a fresh perspective.

During this period, many people choose to devote themselves to intensive learning of a language abroad. This concept, increasingly popular with students and young professionals, aims at total immersion in a different culture in order to master a new language and gain valuable international experience.

The advantages of a gap year in language studies

A gap year spent abroad can offer many advantages, including :

  • Improved language skills and academic results: the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself completely in an environment where it is spoken. A gap year will enable you to improve your command of your chosen foreign language. According to UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute, students who undertake a gap year tend to achieve better grades once they enter or return to university.

Source: Higher Education Research Institute, UCLA, “The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2015”.

  • Personal development:
    by living and studying abroad, you gain in autonomy, self-confidence and adaptability. These skills are valuable not only personally, but also for future employers. A study by the American Gap Association in partnership with Temple University found that students who took a gap year showed an increase in maturity and self-confidence.

Source: American Gap Association and Temple University Study, “The Impact of Gap Year on College Students” (2015).

  • Enriching experiences and encounters:
    During your language study stay, you’ll have the opportunity to meet people of different nationalities and cultures, helping you to develop your open-mindedness and understanding of others. You’ll also create unforgettable memories and experience unique adventures.

  • CV enhancement:
    A gap year spent abroad is a real asset on the job market, especially if you can demonstrate an improvement in your language and intercultural skills.

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How to prepare for a long-term language stay

To make the most of your experience and avoid unpleasant surprises, consider these steps for planning your gap year abroad:

  1. Defining your objectives : Before choosing a program, it’s essential to determine your linguistic and personal objectives for this gap year. This will help you select the right program and make the most of your experience.

  2. Research:
    Learn about the different program options and find those that match your goals, budget and destination preferences. Don’t hesitate to consult forums or ask advice from people who have already completed a language stay.

  3. Prepare yourself administratively:
    Find out what you need to do in advance, such as obtain a visa, take out health and travel insurance, or complete certain university formalities.

  4. Organize your departure:
    Plan your trip, book temporary accommodation for the start of your stay (while you get settled in), pack your bags and prepare yourself mentally for the challenges your gap year is sure to bring.

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Some examples of destinations for long-term language study 🌎




Madrid Espagne


dublin irlande


new york


londres angleterre







Why choose LangStart for your language studies 📚🌎

Personalized support

  • Our consultants’ expertise: Our language travel experts are dedicated to providing you with free, personalized support before, during and after your stay.
  • Availability: As a small, dedicated company, we’re available beyond traditional business hours to answer all your questions and concerns.

“At Langstart, we value every student by offering unconditional, expert support to ensure a rewarding, hassle-free language experience. Our experienced counselors are dedicated to understanding and meeting your unique needs for an unforgettable language stay.”

Price transparency

  • Straightforward pricing: We offer school prices at no extra cost, guaranteeing total transparency.
  • Best offers: We’ll always offer you the schools’ promotional prices to ensure excellent value for money.

“We are committed to fair and transparent pricing. Always prioritizing your benefit, we collaborate directly with schools to ensure the best promotional offers and an affordable, valuable language experience.”

Quality assured

  • Hand-picked partner schools: Careful selection of schools based on strict criteria such as certifications, student reviews and infrastructure quality.
  • Commitment to excellence: Regular visits to our partner schools to ensure first-class teaching and facilities.

“We are committed to providing you with top-quality language holidays. Our close partnerships with renowned schools ensure enriching learning and a satisfying experience, in harmony with your expectations and ambitions.”

Variety and diversification of supply

  • Flexible options: A range of formulas to suit your objectives, level and budget.
  • Suitable accommodation: A wide choice of accommodation to suit your preferences and needs, from host families to student residences.

“Our rich variety of programs and accommodations is designed to fit your personal goals and needs, guaranteeing a flexible and comfortable language stay that promotes effective and enjoyable learning.”

Student testimonials 👨‍🎓

Here you can read about the experiences of some of our students during their language studies. These stories offer a glimpse of the linguistic and cultural adventures you could experience by choosing one of our programs.

L’Agence Langstart est une agence totalement fiable, avec qui je partirais encore une prochaine fois certainement! Car ils ont su me conseiller, m’aider et répondre à toute mes questions. Grâce a Yousef qui a pris en charge mon voyage j’ai pue partir pendant 3 semaines à Malte pour améliorer mon Anglais. C’était une expérience de folie! Et je ne regrette absolument pas ?
Zahia M
Zahia M
J’ai effectué un séjour linguistique d’un mois à Dubai au sein de l’école ES Dubai. Très belle expérience, un grand merci a l’équipe Langstart pour son accompagnement et ses conseils. Malgré les nombreux allers retours, ils ont toujours été a l’écoute et très réactifs.
Sarah Belaïd
Sarah Belaïd
Belle expérience en Irlande! Merci à Langstart pour les conseils au niveau du choix de la destination, de l'école et du programme de cours. J'ai pu confirmer ma progression en passant le TOEIC à mon retour. Cette expérience a été très enrichissante pour moi et je pense déjà à repartir. Merci pour tout.
Fanny Krier
Fanny Krier
Ma fille est partie 2 mois à Cork avec Langstart. Nous sommes très satisfaits de ce séjour. Ma fille a vécu une très belle expérience et a pu perfectionner son anglais. L’équipe Langstart a su nous rassurer et a toujours été disponible pour répondre à nos questions. Je recommande vivement cet organisme
Antoine Fromont
Antoine Fromont
J'ai passé un séjour linguistique à Manchester et je suis vraiment satisfait de mon expérience. J'ai pu apprendre beaucoup de nouvelles choses sur la culture britannique et améliorer mon anglais. C'était une très belle expérience, je recommande!
J'ai passé un séjour linguistique incroyable à Malte grâce à LangStart. L'enseignement était de qualité et les professeurs étaient très compétents. L'emplacement de l'école était idéal, à proximité de la plage et du centre-ville. J'ai été ravi de l'organisation de LangStart, qui m'a accompagné du début jusqu'à mon arrivée sur place et a prévu ma prise en charge à l'aéroport au moment de mon arrivée. Je recommande les yeux fermés.
Je suis partie en séjour linguistique à Dublin avec Langstart. Mon séjour s’est parfaitement déroulé, l’équipe m’a accompagné jusqu’au départ et est restée a l’écoute une fois sur place. Un grand merci.