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Nestled between the majestic Santa Ynez Mountains and the sparkling Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara offers an idyllic setting for learning English. Known for its Mediterranean climate, dreamy beaches and picturesque Spanish architecture, this city promises a unique and immersive language learning experience. To learn English in Santa Barbara is to benefit from quality teaching in welcoming language schools, while enjoying the Californian way of life. Students are encouraged to practice English on a daily basis, not only as part of their course but also by exploring the city, taking part in local activities and interacting with friendly residents. The schools’ engaging, hands-on teaching approach, combined with Santa Barbara’s enriching environment, ensures that students make rapid and significant progress. Immerse yourself in a linguistic and cultural adventure in Santa Barbara, where every day offers a new opportunity to learn and discover.

Our selection of adult language schools Santa Barbara

plage de santa barbara
From €2,624

1 month English course in Santa Barbara

🛏️ Host family 📚 15 hours of English lessons per week 👨‍🎓+18 years 🥗 2 meals/day

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maison de santa barbara
From €2209

Business English in Santa Barbara - 6 weeks

🛏️ Homeless 📚 26 hours of business English per week 👨‍🎓+ 18 🥗 without meal

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centre ville de santa barbara
From €13,928

Study 1 semester in Santa Barbara

🛏️ Host family 📚 General English course, 20 lessons per week 👨‍🎓+ 18 🥗 2 meals/day

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Why learn Spanish in Santa Barbara?

Here are just a few of the reasons why Santa Barbara is the ideal place to learn English in a rewarding and memorable way:

  • 🏫 Exceptional learning environment: With its renowned language schools and renowned university, Santa Barbara is an educational hub that attracts students from all over the world, guaranteeing top-quality teaching in an international environment.
  • 🌍 Cultural and linguistic immersion: The city offers total immersion in American culture with the added bonus of its rich Spanish and Mexican history, enabling students to practice English in an authentic and varied context.
  • 🍀 Incomparable quality of life: Known for its Mediterranean climate, heavenly beaches and breathtaking scenery, Santa Barbara offers a relaxed and healthy living environment, ideal for study and relaxation.
  • 🎨 Diversity of activities: From water sports to mountain hikes, discovering local vineyards and cultural events, students will never run out of opportunities to learn while having fun.
  • 🤝 Welcoming and diverse community: The city is home to a warm and diverse community, offering a rich social experience that encourages English practice and cultural exchange.
  • 🛡️Sécurité and accessibility: Santa Barbara is renowned for its safety and ease of access, with convenient transportation for exploring the city and surrounding area.

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Our programs to learn English in Santa Barbara

Kaplan Santa Barbara

Located in a tastefully renovated building just a stone’s throw from the famous State Street and the vibrant heart of downtown Santa Barbara, our partner school Kaplan Santa Barbara is right on the beach. It boasts an exceptional setting with access to various sports facilities and a games room, allowing students to enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities under the generous California sun.

The school offers several programs for learning English:
  • General English course: 15 hours per week
  • Semi-intensive English course: 20 hours per week
  • Intensive English course: 26 hours per week
  • Exam preparation courses: 15 or 26 hours per week
  • Business English courses: 15 or 26 hours per week

Frequently asked questions 🤔❓

The cost of living in Santa Barbara is generally considered high, especially in comparison with other U.S. cities. This is due to its privileged location, high quality of life and numerous attractions. Here are a few things to consider when estimating the cost of living for a language student:

  • Accommodation: Housing options vary widely, but rent is relatively high. Students can choose between host families, student residences or shared apartments. Host families and student residences can offer a more cost-effective solution while promoting language immersion.
  • Food: Food costs depend on consumption habits. Eating out can be expensive, but local markets offer more affordable options for those who prefer to cook.
  • Transportation: Santa Barbara has a good public transportation network. Students can also consider renting bicycles or using car-sharing services for economical and convenient travel.
  • Activities and leisure: While some activities are free or inexpensive, such as visiting beaches or parks, others, like excursions, water sports or wine tasting, can add to the budget.
  • Health insurance: Insurance is a crucial aspect not to be overlooked. Costs vary according to coverage, but it’s essential to be well insured when traveling abroad.

During your language study stay in Santa Barbara, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to activities, which will not only enrich your English learning experience, but also allow you to discover the local culture and beautiful landscapes. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Explore the beaches: Santa Barbara is renowned for its superb beaches. Surf, sail or simply relax in the sun on beaches such as East Beach or Butterfly Beach.
  • Visit historic sites: Discover the city’s heritage by visiting Mission Santa Barbara, the Presidio and the Courthouse, famous for its magnificent Spanish architecture.
  • Hiking in the hills: The Santa Ynez mountains offer hiking trails with breathtaking views of the city and the ocean.
  • Immerse yourself in arts and culture: Enjoy art galleries, theaters and museums like the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.
  • Stroll through the botanical gardens: Santa Barbara’s botanical gardens are an ideal place to appreciate the local flora and relax in a natural setting.
  • Stroll along State Street: This is the beating heart of the city, with its stores, restaurants and markets. It’s the perfect place to practice your English while shopping or sampling the local cuisine.
  • Take part in festivals: Depending on the season, you can attend local festivals such as the famous Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
  • Taste local wines: The region is famous for its excellent vineyards. Join us for a wine tasting or a vineyard tour to discover the region’s grape varieties.
  • Water sports: With the Pacific Ocean on your doorstep, try your hand at kayaking, paddleboarding or even diving.

On a language trip to Santa Barbara, a variety of English courses are usually offered to suit different objectives and proficiency levels. Here are the most common types of courses available:

  • General English: These courses cover the four basic skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing – and are available for all levels, from beginner to advanced.
  • Intensive English courses: These programs offer a higher number of lesson hours for accelerated progress.
  • Test preparation courses: Specifically designed to prepare students for exams such as TOEFL or IELTS, these courses aim to equip students with the skills and techniques needed to pass these standardized tests.
    Business English courses: aimed at professionals or those wishing to use English in a business context, these courses focus on professional jargon and business communication situations.

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  • Our consultants’ expertise: Our language travel experts are dedicated to providing you with free, personalized support before, during and after your stay.
  • Availability: As a small, dedicated company, we’re available beyond traditional business hours to answer all your questions and concerns.

“At Langstart, we value every student by offering unconditional, expert support to ensure a rewarding, hassle-free language experience. Our experienced counselors are dedicated to understanding and meeting your unique needs for an unforgettable language stay.”

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“We are committed to fair and transparent pricing. Always prioritizing your benefit, we collaborate directly with schools to ensure the best promotional offers and an affordable, valuable language experience.”

Quality assured

  • Hand-picked partner schools: Careful selection of schools based on strict criteria such as certifications, student reviews and infrastructure quality.
  • Commitment to excellence: Regular visits to our partner schools to ensure first-class teaching and facilities.

“We are committed to providing you with top-quality language holidays. Our close partnerships with renowned schools ensure enriching learning and a satisfying experience, in harmony with your expectations and ambitions.”

Variety and diversification of supply

  • Flexible options: A range of formulas to suit your objectives, level and budget.
  • Suitable accommodation: A wide choice of accommodation to suit your preferences and needs, from host families to student residences.

“Our rich variety of programs and accommodations is designed to fit your personal goals and needs, guaranteeing a flexible and comfortable language stay that promotes effective and enjoyable learning.”

Student testimonials 👨‍🎓

Here you can read about the experiences of some of our students during their language studies. These stories offer a glimpse of the linguistic and cultural adventures you could experience by choosing one of our programs.

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